I'm Nadia - An entrepreneur, confidence coach, digital marketer, web developer & transformed optimist dedicated to helping YOU become the person you most want to be.

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Born and raised in a communist mountain village in Romania, I have always considered my success either pure luck or a simple coincidence. But nothing is pure luck or coincidence, as I later discovered.

I left my parent's house at 15 to go to high-school. I was petrified. Living by myself, cooking my own food (even if it meant eating chips all week), meant a lot of responsibility for a young country girl.

Fast forward 4 years later, I moved again for Uni.
I graduated two majors (Business and Languages), got my Masters in Banking, all while I was working a full-time job in the largest bank in Romania.

By 25 I had everything covered. Or so I thought...
A prosperous career with everything in place to reach for the stars.

Do not settle!

Whenever you settle you lose your happiness.

Yet I found myself deeply unhappy, even after so many years of studying and hard work. Didn't find my place personally and surely not professionally.

So I started to make some changes: first the boyfriend, then the job.

I left Romania and worked for a small banking group in the UK. But my soul was restless.

In less than a year I was looking for premises to rent to open a business. When that failed, I started to learn e-commerce, digital marketing, coding, and web design in a desperate search of my "call".

My dream was to travel the world. So I tried anything that would get me closer to that one-way ticket. When I bought the ticket, it was one of the best feelings of my life.

I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, only you have the power to change your life.

I want to help you experience that feeling yourself.

The feeling of living your dream.

With all my love,


Why am I doing this?

Because I inspire women to do more.

I have the experience to walk you through your biggest obstacles because I have been there. In comfortable relationships, jobs, situations that I didn’t want to leave but I did. I am a certified coach, having spent the last years studying psychology, human behaviour, NLP techniques and meditation to help you make a change.

We live in a society where as women we feel a lot of pressure to perform at our best at home, at work, with friends. Most of my friends and clients are stuck in jobs that they don't necessarily like but that allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle only to realise a few years later they've wasted their youth and have no idea what they want.

Also, with the increasing technology a lot of jobs disappear and new ones are making their way up. They require new skills such as creativity, adaptability, flexibility. Most of us feel we were not prepared for this so we stop progressing in our careers.

My clients overcome fear of failure, start developing their confidence in themselves, are more adventurous in trying new things and develop their skills every day.

One of the reason you are NOT in the place you thought you will is because of your expectations. Most of our career and professional life is directly linked to our personal situation. So we might need to work on that before we move the other one.

Women I've worked with so far managed to: save their marriages, avoid post-partum depressions, end unhealthy relationships, start business, find hobbies that enriched their life or travel the world.

It's YOU who is doing the work and it's ME who's holding your hand if you want to jump.

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