The World

Needs YOU

To Change

It's always easier to change your life when
you have the best mentor besides you

Is every day the same? Don't know how to break down the monotony?

Sick of the same job all over again?

Do you want to know how to have more free time and travel more?

Feel like you don't have a true friend that listens to you?

Do you often feel like you're alone and not getting much done with your life?

I want a change


My name is Nadia and I am here to befriend you.

I was in corporate jobs for ten years until I quit to start a business and travel the world.

And it sucked.

I was scared to death. My life was no longer about security and planning. There were a lot of hard times along the way. And I still face them.

But the reward I'm getting every single day cannot be explained in just a few words.

More about me


I am here not as a coach, a counsellor or a spiritual healer.

I am here as a friend - one that doesn't know you.

A friend that can support you, advise you, argue with you and motivate you without being personally involved in your life.

We all need that objective point of view in our lives to push us forward. People around you are not rational when it comes to advising you on a specific matter.

They either love you, hate you, envy you, admire you or have a particular perception of you from your interactions.

I do none of the above. I'm here to help you unconditionally.

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  • Straightforward conversions about your past and present life. I will laugh, and I will cry, and I will be that rock that you need without pretending or judging.
  • ‍Analyse mistakes and regrets that you have that have never been cured and hold you down. To move forward, we will discuss what is blocking you from doing what you want.
  • ‍Help you design your dream life and make actual steps toward achieving it. We will make that New Year Resolution List come true.
  • Overview of your relationships with people around you and how their energy and company impacts your true being.
  • Physical and moral support in achieving your dream - I encourage to live your dream or at least have the gut to taste it for a bit. Having tried a lot of different things myself in the past, I can offer specific guidance in specific fields like business, tech, marketing, sales, design, travel and a lot more.
  • Total confidentiality regarding our meetings.
  • No judgements - I don’t care who you are and what have you been doing
  • Time for yourself - you will give yourself time to analyse your life from an objective point of view.
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  • Pampering time (If you need someone to tell you how good and smart you are no matter your decisions, look somewhere else)
  • Counselling time (we will go a lot into psychology and things from the past that affect your life at the moment, but if you expect a therapy session I can guide you to a lot of professionals)
  • THE SOLUTION - I am not here to tell you what to do. I will advise you objectively but you need to be willing to take the steps.
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